Have you really taken the time to know me: A G1 GC saga

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Since JDK 9, G1 GC is the default garbage collector (JEP 248). Up until 2017, Monica have shared some G1 GC details, performance tips, optimizations that help G1's adaptiveness and provided advice on manual tuning.

Since then, G1 has come a long way in improving its adaptiveness. In this session Monica will cover most of the important optimizations that are delivered from JDK9+ and how they can help your application's responsiveness, its throughput and help with footprint reduction. This is a saga that involves various regions and generations (all pun intended).

Почему этот доклад в программе

Чем хорош спикер: Monica is a well-known garbage collection and performance expert with a focus on G1 GC. As Java Rock Star and co-author of the renowned "Java Performance Companion" she is the ideal speaker for introducing you to the newest development in G1 GC.

Чем хороша тема: G1 is the default GC since JDK 9. With the growing popularity of JDK 11 more and more people are using it in production. This talk will help you to better understand G1 and get the best out of it for JDK 11 and later. 

Кому будет полезно: Everybody who uses JDK 11 or later will learn about new G1 features and tuning parameters which they can immediately apply to improve their application performance and footprint.

Почему здесь и сейчас: This is a brand new talk focusing exclusively on new G1 features since JDK 9 and how to use them in production.


Monica Beckwith

Java Champion, Monica Beckwith has several published articles and gets regular invitations to give talks on JVM/JIT Compilation/Garbage Collection (GC). She is also a JavaOne Rock Star.

Monica has co-authored the "Java Performance Companion" book and is currently working on a book titled "JVM Performance Engineering: Inside the OpenJDK HotSpot VM".

Monica is considered one of the influential women in Java and Scala.

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Volker Simonis

Volker Simonis is a Principal Software Engineer in the Corretto team at Amazon Web Services. He works on Java Virtual Machines since 2004 and is an OpenJDK Member, Reviewer and Committer right from the start. Before joining Amazon he worked for SAP, Sun Microsystems and the University of Tübingen from where he holds a master and PhD degree in Computer Science. He represented SAP in the Executive Committee of the JCP and was a member of the JCP Expert Groups for Java SE 9 to 13. He's a passionate and frequent speaker at conferences around the globe and can easily be contacted at @volker_simonis.