Writing test driven apps with http4k

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Testing HTTP services can be a painful and challenging process for developers: tests are often slow running, involve complicated (or coupled) setup, rely on unreliable 3rd party dependencies, or deal with complicated outputs.

In this talk, the speakers will demonstrate how the http4k library leverages its "Server as a Function" roots to enable writing apps which can be test-driven at all levels of the Testing Pyramid, using a set of tools derived from decades of experience testing backend applications to make many of the above issues go away.

This talk is about Kotlin HTTP server technologies and how to test them to overcome problems (slow/flakey tests, lack of reuse, etc.). The audience gets an intro to the Server as a Function concept and http4k, but also can take away a lot of knowledge about how to apply the solutions to those problems in a unique and original way.

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Почему этот доклад в программе

Чем хорош спикер: David Denton и Ivan Sanchez — это два ключевых разработчика в проекте http4k. Они могут хорошо рассказать про http4k и ответить на вопросы про свой опыт. 

Чем хороша тема: Тема микрофреймворков популярна, и зачастую возникает вопрос: а нужно ли тащить Spring Boot / Micronaut / далее по списку — ради простейшего сервиса? И правильно, нужно это не всегда. Библиотека http4k интересна по множеству факторов: легковесность, Kotlin, тестируемость.

Кому будет полезно: Всем, кто видел Kotlin и ещё не использовал http4k. Если вы уже использовали http4k — вам, безусловно, стоит заглянуть, чтобы задать вопросы авторам и решить свою проблему.

Почему здесь и сейчас: Выступление на Joker – 75 минут, такого ещё не было.


David Denton
David Denton

A London-based Engineering Lead; passionate about building simple, Test-Driven products and the teams to deliver them. Oh, and also about building the simple, Test-Driven, Open Source tools to power them. Active as a speaker at various international technology conferences and have also enjoyed developing and delivered Coding Dojos and full Training Courses, both in the UK and around the world.

Ivan Sanchez

Ivan Sanchez is a developer and coach with over 15 years of commercial experience. Over the last decade, he has worked in a variety of industries and has been an advocate of Agile and eXtreme Programming practices such as TDD and Pair Programming. A considerable portion of his experience is in Java, and he's switched to Kotlin as his primary language of choice in the past years. He's the co-author of http4k: a lightweight HTTP library for Kotlin.

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Дмитрий Кандалов
Code Mine

Дмитрий программирует с времен DOS. Провел последние 15 лет или около того, в Java-землях, в основном работая с Kotlin для сервера.