The path towards Spring Boot native applications

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In this talk, Sébastien is going to share the latest status of Spring teamwork on Spring GraalVM Native, the incubating project that allows Spring Boot applications to run as native images.

He'll talk about:

  • the collaboration between GraalVM and Spring teams;
  • project Leyden;
  • cheaper and greener cloud hosting via reduced memory consumption and scale to 0 applications;
  • lightweight containers deployment;
  • the challenge of compatibility and maintainability;
  • spring Boot applications without GraalVM reflection configuration via functional bean registration;
  • related architectural changes in Spring.

He'll finish this presentation by sharing a glimpse of the 2021 roadmap.

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Sébastien Deleuze

Sébastien is a Spring Framework committer at VMware. He works on Kotlin and GraalVM native support across Spring portfolio, and created the Spring Fu experimental project which introduces KoFu and JaFu DSLs to configure Spring Boot in a functional way.

Invited Experts

Oleh Dokuka

Fan of Reactive. Works on RSocket and improves Project Reactor along the way. Co-author of the book "Hands‑On Reactive Programming in Spring 5". Java Champion.