International Java Conference in Russia

November 25-28, 2020

What is Joker 2020?

Joker is a large international Java conference for Senior Java developers.

All talks are devoted to Java technical issues and solutions. Main topics of the conference are performance, concurrency, testing, distributed systems and high loads in Java world, as well as the future of the platform.


JVM/JDK Runtime
Data storages
JVM languages
Application architecture
Java Performance
Tools / DevOps
Java 11 / Java 14


Aleksey Shipilev Red Hat
Heinz Kabutz
Roman Elizarov JetBrains
Peter Lawrey Chronicle Software Ltd
Mark Heckler VMware
Monica Beckwith Microsoft
Otavio Santana
Tagir Valeev JetBrains
Jason Tatton Amazon Web Services
Alan Bateman
Alan Bateman Oracle
John Green
Evgeny Borisov EPAM
Jendrik Johannes Gradle Inc.
Alexey Kuzin
Alexey Kuzin Tarantool
Gunnar Morling Red Hat
Ivan Ponomarev KURS
Pavel Petroshenko Azul Systems
Victor Gamov Confluent


Oleg Šelajev Oracle
Alexey Nesterov VMware
Oleh Dokuka
Thomas Wuerthinger Oracle
Karina Varela Red Hat


We would not be able to hold Joker on a regular basis without the tremendous support of our partners. Our conference is growing and evolving thanks to their efforts.

Gold partners

Silver partners

Bronze partners

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