Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint: Quick start for the OpenJDK

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During this session you will be introduced to the Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint project. Now he's actively developed with the eventual goal to start Java applications in tens of milliseconds. The project does not relate to the GraalVM Native Image, so it does not have some usual usability problems, but it brings other ones.

The talk is for those who are interested in experimental Java technologies, as well as for framework and application developers who are looking for a quick start-up and warm-up.

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Anton Kozlov
Anton Kozlov

Engineer at Azul. In the company, Anton works on OpenJDK-based projects. Previously contributed to ARM32, PPC32 ports. Now he does various things, specializing in startup and warm-up optimizations.

Invited Experts

Ivan Ugliansky

Worked for Excelsior in Excelsior JET project (Java SE certified implementation based on optimizing AOT compilation). Now works for Huawei on JVMs, compilers and new programming languages. Basically, works with runtime: GC, class loading, concurrency maintenance, profiling and so on.

Also, he is co-founder and co-lead of JUGNsk — an official Java Users Group in Novosibirsk and Program Committee member of SnowOne conference.

In his free time teaches C/C++ courses at Novosibirsk State University.