Microservices design philosophy with ServiceTalk.io

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This talk is targeting a wide range of Software Engineers who develop server-side applications. Complexities associated with moving towards a microservices architecture in an ephemeral environment are reduced by using reactive libraries that provide resiliency, usability, and performance features.

We will talk about common problems and pain points of developing reactive microservices (like threading model, flow control, environment integration, reliability, and extensibility) and how ServiceTalk helps to address these problems. ServiceTalk design philosophy facilitates a low barrier to entry abstracting away these complexities and provides a richer feature set. Also, we will consider how ServiceTalk APIs are designed to improve developer productivity and flexibility by supporting mixed programming models.

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Idel Pivnitskiy

Idel Pivnitskiy is working on a JVM network application framework ServiceTalk.io. He is responsible for the performance and observability of the framework, works on transport level, and user-facing API for protocols.

Idel develops server-side network applications for more than 6 years with various scalability, reliability, and performance requirements. Currently focused on server-side infrastructure, developing network frameworks, and libraries for the JVM platform. Open source fan. ServiceTalk, Netty & AeroGear projects contributor. Participated in the development of a new protocol for push-notifications RFC 8030 - Generic Event Delivery Using HTTP Push.

Invited Experts

Ivan Krylov

Ivan Krylov is a JVM developer for the last 15 years. Ivan specialises in JIT compiler infrastructure and AOT compilation.