Back from the 70s — the Concurnas concurrency model!

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Concurnas is a JVM programming language designed for concurrent and parallel computing. It provides an alternative concurrency model to that of threads and locks found in Java. Much of the work which inspired this concurrency model was conducted in the 1970s but largely forgotten due to chip architectures being single cored in nature.

But things changed recently, now multi-core CPUs are commonplace and developers are obliged to implement systems utilizing concurrency in order to obtain optimal performance. Furthermore, we have also recently seen GPUs take center stage for powering general-purpose parallel computing, developers have yet another tool at their disposal for solving computational problems.

In this session, a high-level overview of Concurnas, focusing on concurrency and GPU programming will first be provided. Then we shall deep dive into the inspiration for and implementation of the Concurnas concurrency model within the language, compiler, and runtime. Finally, we'll explore how GPU computing is implemented within Concurnas and how this integrates with the core concurrency model.

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Jason Tatton
Amazon Web Services

Jason is the creator of the Concurnas Programming Language and the founder of Concurnas Ltd. He wrote his first computer program aged 9 and has been coding ever since for over 25 years. Jason has written and led teams developing algorithmic trading systems for some of the world's most prestigious investment banks including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and J.P. Morgan. He is passionate about technology, programming and making Concurnas the best programming language it can be. When not building Concurnas he enjoys spending time with his family. He's also a Senior Software Engineer at AWS.

Invited Experts

Volker Simonis

Volker Simonis is a Principal Software Engineer in the Corretto team at Amazon Web Services. He works on Java Virtual Machines since 2004 and is an OpenJDK Member, Reviewer and Committer right from the start. Before joining Amazon he worked for SAP, Sun Microsystems and the University of Tübingen from where he holds a master and PhD degree in Computer Science. He represented SAP in the Executive Committee of the JCP and was a member of the JCP Expert Groups for Java SE 9 to 13. He's a passionate and frequent speaker at conferences around the globe and can easily be contacted at @volker_simonis.