Hell's kitchen: How to prepare a new version of Java and not poison the users of LTS releases?

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Java standards guarantee 100% platform compatibility, but on the other hand, do not allow technology to develop dynamically. How can we please the growing needs of Java users around the world in this environment? Who is behind the stability and cross-platform standards for Java technologies? How do these people agree with each other, while creating and developing a system that can run on hundreds of thousands of devices: from desktops and consumer electronics to mainframes and millions of microservices? Alexander will tell in detail about his work in the Java Community Process (JCP) project and why BellSoft was chosen by the JCP Executive Committee.


Aleksandr Belokrilov
Aleksandr Belokrilov

До создания своей компании, Александр более 13 лет работал в Sun Microsystems и Oracle, и внёс значительный вклад в развитие и внедрение Java. Сегодня он возглавляет компанию, входящую в ТОП-5 контрибьюторов OpenJDK, создавшую свой дистрибутив Liberica JDK. Александр отвечает за стратегическое руководство и реализацию концепции BellSoft.