Kotlin Compiler in past, 1.4 and beyond

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We can see how programming language evolves, but how all those new features get implemented in the compiler? How Kotlin Compiler works at all? This talk will cover high-level Kotlin Compiler architecture in the past, now, and future.

Also, the talk will cover experimental and recently released functionality in-depth and will shed light on what the Kotlin Compiler team is working on daily.

The talk will be interesting for people who are interested in compilers, Kotlin language design, and the challenges it implies.

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Simon Ogorodnik
Simon Ogorodnik

Simon Ogorodnik works on Kotlin at JetBrains, initially joined the Kotlin IDE team at age of 18, now works for New Compiler Frontend. In IDE team started New J2K (Java2Kotlin converter), maintained Dokka, and implemented various performance optimizations.

Invited Experts

Artur Pilipenko
Azul Systems

Throughout his career, Arthur has been developing the Java platform. He currently works on the compiler team at Azul, where he is involved in the Falcon JIT compiler for the Zing JVM. Before joining Azul, Arthur worked on the Java Mobile and embedded platform at Oraсle.